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Animal Hospice and Palliative Care

Pet Quietus Provides Quality Animal Hospice and Palliative Care

The final stages of a pet's life can be emotionally difficult for the pet family and physically hard on the pet. We try to ease the transition in any way we can. Animal hospice and palliative care is similar to human hospice care in many ways. The skilled veterinarian will provide services to make the patient as comfortable as possible. 

The doctor will help the family make informed decisions about end of life care, and if needed during those final stages of a pet's life, the doctor may provide at-home euthanasia to alleviate pain.

The final stages of your pet's life can be full of comfort and care in their own home. You have options outside of taking your pet to the veterinary clinic. Palliative care for pets provides comfort without a cure. This means we will put every effort into increasing pet comfort, decreasing pet pain, and helping the family transition as needed. We can help with dietary recommendations, tips for pain reduction, aids for mobility, and more. 

If you desire euthanasia in the home, we will start with a sedative so your pet feels no pain or anxiety. Once your pet is calm and resting, a second medication is given to peacefully stop their heart. The home visit for euthanasia typically takes about one hour. We offer aftercare services, such as cremation, as needed.

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