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Home Euthanasia

Did You Know That In Home Euthanasia Is Available For Your Terminally Ill Pet?

If you received a terminal diagnosis for your pet, your heart is likely broken and your mind is racing. We understand. It is a hard time for a family to go through, and the truth is, if there is nothing to do to ease the pet's suffering or improve their quality of life then certain choices can be made to humanely ensure that your pet has a dignified and respectful death. A pet cannot understand the things that we can. 

They will not be able to feel the same comfort in a veterinarian's office as they would in your home. You can explain what is going on to a human and they will feel comfortable in a hospital room, but for a pet, all they know is that they are not home. This is why in-home euthanasia and end of life care is the most humane way to care for a terminally ill or severely injured animal.

Pet Quietus is the answer to the problem of needing to humanely euthanize your pet outside the veterinarian's office. We understand that no matter how caring the veterinarian is, there is simply no place like home for a pet and as a caring pet owner you want to provide the best during their last days. 

We provide in home euthanasia by a qualified veterinarian under your own terms to maximize your pet's comfort and your family's time with them. The decision to euthanize will not be the only choice when you call to discuss your pet's palliative care.  Rigorous medical training, experience, and guidance from the heart help to determine the care that your pet will need to maximize their time and to keep your pet as comfortable and happy as possible.  Call today to learn more.

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