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"Thank you for loving me, caring for me, and having the courage to let me go with dignity."

-Jane S. Moris

Euthanasia - $280

Euthanize a pet in the comfort of your home.


The decision to euthanize a pet is not one to be taken lightly.  It is a unique and compassionate final act of love that we can give to a pet who is suffering, or who has a limited quality-of-life.

Our veterinarian will spend up to an hour in your home and during that time will give your pet a sedative to relieve any pain or anxiety they may feel.  A medication will then be given to help your pet pass peacefully.  A paw print keepsake is provided at no additional fee and a hair clipping can be done at no charge, if desired.

You may handle your pet's body care or you can choose to have Pet Quietus assist by choosing one of the cremation options below.


Picture of tabby grey cat with green eyes
Picture of red setter dog on bed.

Aftercare - $140-360

Pet Quietus provides the following options for taking care of your pet after euthanasia: 

You handle your own pet's aftercare - No charge 

Communal Cremation - $140

Pet Quietus handles the aftercare including transportation and communal cremation, no ashes are returned to you.

Private​ Cremation - $210 - $360

Pet Quietus handles the aftercare including transportation and private cremation (only your pet is in the cremation unit with no co-mingling of ashes),


Ashes are double-bagged and placed in an elegant wood box urn with a personalized nameplate.  Wildflowers for planting and memorialization along with a personalized cremation certificate are included. 


Ashes are available for pickup at Corpus Christi Pet Memorial Center at 1534 Holly Rd. on the corner of Holly and Greenwood. 


Hand-delivery of ashes - $75

Delivery is for Region 1 & 2 only.

If you do not want an urn and prefer only ashes for spreading, burial or to place in an urn of your choosing, please ask our phone specialist for these details.

Quality of Life Consult - $280

Schedule a 1 hour consultation  to assess your pet's quality-of-life before making a decision about euthanasia.

We will discuss and work through a Quality of Life (QOL) scale to provide a more objective look at how your pet is thriving, or not.  Continued monitoring of symptoms and/or a decision about additional comfort care measures can be made at that time.  This visit can also include humane euthanasia, at no additional charge, if it is decided that your pet's quality of life is poor and not treatable.

You can continue to utilize this scale to monitor either a decline or improvement in your pet's daily life.  This can be part of helping you know when the time to say goodbye is near.

Picture of older dashound on wooden deck with a sunset in the back ground

Hospice Consult - $390

Schedule with one of our veterinarians to:

  • discuss your pet's history and areas of concern

  • assist in completing a pain, quality of life and/or cognitive dysfunction (dementia) screening as needed

  • talk about your needs as a caregiver

  • evaluate your home environment and make suggestions to improve your pet's mobility and comfort

  • perform a complete physical exam for your pet

  • receive special end-of-life care advice and strategies to improve quality-of-life

  • obtain prescriptions as needed 

  • get a complete and detailed Personalized Care Plan just for your pet

  • receive valuable client education information specific to your pet's condition(s)


You will have access to your veterinarian for up to 3 months after the initial visit without a recheck exam. This access includes phone, text or email communication and prescription refills.  After 3 months, a recheck exam, every 3 months, will be required to maintain personalized communication and prescription refills. 

All provided within the comfort of your home.

Aggressive Pet Fee

Please note that for the safety of your pet, you, your family and our doctors, we have a variety of sedative and fear-free protocols to minimize stress and discomfort.  A $50 fee will be assessed at the time of booking to account for additional medications and time. If these protocols are not needed and not instituted, that $50 may be refunded at the discretion of the veterinarian.

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