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Terminally Ill Pet

Pet Quietus Can Help You Say Goodbye Humanely to Your Terminally Ill Pet

So you have a terminally ill pet. What comes next? The answer is not the same for every pet and every situation and we strive to help you and your furry loved one get through this time in the most compassionate manner possible. A terminal diagnosis is not one that veterinarians take lightly, and neither do the caregivers. We are in the medical field because we care, and caring means finding the best way to keep your pet comfortable.

We provide in-home humane euthanasia if that is the best route to ease your pet's distress. We also provide quality compassionate care for their time left on earth. You will find that a difficult situation can be made easier, and perhaps even put your heart at ease, as you see your pet's comfort increase and suffering decrease with quality palliative care from Pet Quietus.

Contact us if your pet needs palliative or hospice care to maximize comfort and time with family during those last days. Dr. Karin has extensive experience in pet medical care and a compassionate heart when it comes to keeping pets happy, healthy and comfortable during the time they have with us.

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