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Body Care and Cremation Options

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Options for Body Care After Euthanasia

We believe strongly in transparency and options for you and your beloved pet. This list is not exhaustive but is meant to educate you on the various types of cremations that are currently offered in the pet aftercare industry. It is helpful to know the terminology so you are making informed decisions.

Group or Communal Cremation

A fire-based process where your pet will be cremated together with other animals. Those collective ashes will typically be spread in a natural setting and are NOT available for return. 

Private​ Cremation 

A fire-based cremation where your pet is the ONLY pet in the cremation chamber, with no co-mingling of ashes. The ashes of your pet are returned to you.




Partitioned/Individual /Separated Cremation

This type of fire-based cremation involves cremating pets separately within the same chamber. A short fire brick wall, or other barrier, separates the pets but does NOT prevent the co-mingling of ashes. This type of cremation is often chosen by people due to the decreased cost or for environmental purposes, Ashes are returned with the understanding there may be some small co-mingling with other animals in the unit. Pet Quietus does NOT offer this service.

Aquamation or AquaCremation

A water-based cremation process that uses water, temperature, pressure and alkalinity to provide an accelerated "natural" decomposition. This is often chosen as a more environmentally friendly alternative to fire-based cremation. The result is a finer dust-like product rather than ashes. This is not currently available in Corpus Christi.

Attended Cremation

A private cremation where you, the pet parent, can attend your pet's cremation in person. This service is available through local crematories.

There is nothing like truly honoring your pet for the sake of their memory and for your peace of mind. This can be done in many ways and Pet Quietus is available to make this an easier process. We can assist by transporting your pet right after the appointment, and handling the details in getting your precious baby back to you. We only work with crematories that we have visited and with whom we have established trust. Please know that you have options in the care of your pet after their death. We are here to transparently provide you with those options. with the respect and care that you and your pet deserve.

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