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Home Burial

Dogs on a Bench

Although Corpus Christi does not have clear statutes regarding the home burial of pets, the practice is highly discouraged, especially for pets that are euthanized.

The drugs that are administered for euthanasia have been found in carcasses and soil long after burial, and they are toxic. Reports of wildlife and companion animal deaths have been recorded when buried pets that had been euthanized are scavenged.

In addition to the potential risk to local wildlife and other pets, the city of Corpus Christi is somewhat unique due to our coastal location.  This means that these products, along with tissues and fluids, can leach into the groundwater, contaminating the environment.

Home burial has been an inexpensive and traditional method of body care for a long time. It keeps your pet close to you and allows for memorialization. We honor the bond and those decisions so here are some ways to improve the burial experience:

1. Cremate first, then bury the remains, which also makes for easier relocation if moving in the future

2. If not cremated, allow for at LEAST 3 feet of dirt covering the pet.  This means digging a hole at least 4 feet deep

3. Make sure to contact your utility company before digging.

4. Choose a high and dry area for burial where groundwater will not be contaminated.

5. After burial, place a heavy object(s) over the site to discourage scavenging.

6. Use an environmentally friendly shroud, wrap or casket that slowly degrades. Do not use plastic bins or wraps. 

7. Consider burial in a pet cemetery.

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