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Has Your Pet Been Diagnosed with a Terminal Illness? Contact Pet Quietus for a Pet Quality of Life Consultation

Pet Quietus is your resource for palliative care from a caring veterinarian, and humane at-home euthanasia. We help people say goodbye to their pets from the comfort of home because we know that this is where your pet will be most comfortable and happy.

Dr. Karin Christopher is a veterinarian certified in animal hospice and palliative care. She has a compassionate understanding of the needs of pets and their families during end of life care. The service was created to fulfill the need of caring, compassionate, at-home, end of life care for pets.

Schedule a quality of life consultation for a full assessment of your pet's quality of life. Using a quality of life scale to help make an informed decision about your pet's quality of life can help us decide if comfort care measures are needed or if humane euthanasia is the best decision. We understand that euthanasia is a serious decision to make, and it is not an option to be taken lightly, without complete consultation with the family. 

Schedule your pet's quality of life consultation to discuss their quality of life (QOL) scale if your pet has been deteriorating in health or is coming to the end of their life. Come to us at Pet Quietus to receive quality care for your pet and support during the last days.

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